Project Overview


Business / Litigation

J. Michael McBride, P.C. offers its business clients a connection between outside counsel and c-level officers. So, whether you are an owner of a small business or the general counsel of a Fortune 500 Company, our attorneys have the skills and experience to navigate even the most complex of civil litigation cases. The firm also provides litigative services to institutional lenders such as banks and other finance corporations. We understand the importance of protecting your business’ assets.

Here are some examples of how we have assisted our clients in the past:
  • The firm represented two corporate shareholders and owners sued by petitioning creditors who instituted an involuntary Chapter 11 case, where the trustee was seeking to re-characterize capital infused into the company disguised as debt and equitably subordinate shareholder claims. We were able to obtain a very favorable result for our clients.
  • The firm represented a Chapter 13 trustee in a successful suit against 15 defendants pursuing various claims relating to property owned by a Chapter 13 debtor. The claims made included recovery of fraudulent transfers, breach of duty, fraud and conspiracy, violations of DTPA, breach of contract, negligence, conversion, suit on a note, and declaratory judgement. The recovery allowed for all creditors to be paid with interest and paid for the Trustee and attorney fees.
  • In a civil litigation matter for one of our larger clients, we achieved a settlement for the client on a defaulted contract. Under the settlement, the client received a significant payment which equates to about 80% of the amount owed from a national restaurant chain.
  • The firm has successfully defended many claims of preferential transfer, fraudulent transfer, and alter ego claims made by trustees against our clients.
  • The firm represented the seller of a family-owned recycling business in drafting and negotiating an Asset Purchase Agreement and a lease for the use of a portion of the seller’s property.
  • The firm defended a computer chip manufacturer in a state court collection suit where the plaintiff was seeking to recover charges under a maintenance agreement. We achieved a 75% reduction in our client’s payment amount by vigorously pursuing all defenses available to our client.