Project Overview

Contract and Risk Analysis

Individual / Business / Planning

Contract and risk analysis is just one way J. Michael McBride, P.C. is able to protect its clients’ assets. A comprehensive risk analysis and contract review allows clients to understand, modify, and plan around a crisis before it hits.

For Individuals

Texas has the most liberal exemptions of any state in the nation. However, many individuals either do not understand their legal rights or do not take the steps necessary to protect their hard-earned assets. Individuals can be affected financially by divorce, job loss, or unforeseen medical expenses, as well as the fast-changing business landscape. For example, the changing fortunes of the oil and gas industry in North Texas has had a negative impact on many of the area’s families. Also, after a divorce, simple math dictates that neither the husband nor the wife have the same resources post-divorce and often lifestyle changes should be made promptly to avoid negative financial consequences. J. Michael McBride, P.C. can provide a confidential analysis and review all of your legal options so you can effectively move onto the next phase of life.

The firm has also represented several individuals in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits. We were able to obtain these clients’ benefits without the need for hearings. We cannot guarantee the same results for all clients, as each case varies based on many different factors, but we work just as hard on your case as we did on theirs.

For Businesses

The firm provides legal counsel to both sellers and buyers of business assets, whether in bankruptcy or not. When a business is sold, any potential liability of shareholders, directors, and officers needs a thorough review. Identifying possible future conflicts can protect the company’s assets and the personal assets of those involved.

Additionally, many sales and purchases of businesses, whether structured as a stock purchase or as an asset purchase, have a payout component as part of the buyer’s consideration. Because market dynamics can change, a company may be forced into bankruptcy after the sale. A Trustee in bankruptcy may attempt to force the return of assets during the sale or otherwise attempt to unwind the sale transaction. When this happens, it is vital to have experienced counsel involved.