Project Overview


Individual / Business

In addition to his law practice, Michael McBride mediates all types of civil cases and disputes. Mediation is a non-judicial process whereby parties to a dispute can come together to share their positions, and, hopefully, reach common ground and resolve their differences. Mr. McBride’s goal is to provide a safe place where parties can come and be heard. Parties are given the opportunity to consider all of their options and hopefully reach a consensual resolution to all of their disputes.

As a mediator, Mr. McBride brings with him the breadth of his legal experiences, from his clerkship with a Federal District Court to having appeared in federal courts across the nation on behalf of his clients. He has worked for clients in state and federal court cases as well as appeals, and handled many mediations on behalf of his clients. Thus, in mediation, Mr. McBride is thoughtful and able to listen to the parties and “hear what is really going on.” He can present possible outcomes and assist the parties in crafting a creative solution to their problems. His broad familiarity with the law and Court system allows him to guide the parties as to what to expect should they not be able to resolve their disputes.